Reddit Is Going Crazy Over This OITNB Skin-Care Scene

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you're an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary on the highly anticipated fifth season of Orange Is The New Black, there is plenty of shit you could be angry about. You might be mad that the corrupt prison system would rather serve you moldy baloney for lunch than real food, for starters. Maybe you're pissed at the correctional officers for constantly putting their power above your humanity. Or, if you happen to be Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales, chances are you're upset that your BFF-behind-bars Maritza Ramos failed to — gasp! — share her beauty product stash.
The exchange, which happened mid-riot and was so fast that even the quickest snack break could make you miss it, involved the two friends sharing a few disgruntled words. "I'm super mad at you," Gonzalez said. To which Ramos responded in the same way an annoyed older sister would: "Is this because I wouldn't let you use my apricot facial scrub?" followed with her trademark eye roll.
One Reddit user posted the conversation to the Skincare Addiction thread, writing, "Maritza Doing Flaca A Favour." Plenty of others flooded the comments section in agreement, calling the apricot kernels too abrasive for sensitive skin types. "Another fear of winding up in prison, I'd be stuck using apricot scrub," someone wrote. "I need to go breathe in a bag now."
While it's true that there are plenty of gritty scrubs out there that can irritate, and even go so far as to physically scratch, your skin, not all exfoliators are bad. Might we suggest these gentle, safe formulas to use before you go throw a fit of OITNB proportions?

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