The New iOS Is Fixing The Most Annoying Thing About WiFi

Pop quiz: What does TzLMNi97zFGj look like to you? Or ReSmN73O0wQ1?
If you, like many others, have not personalised your home WiFi password, it’s some random combination of letters and numbers that is impossible to memorise — and even more annoying to fetch when you have friends come over and request a log-in. But soon, laying down on the ground and searching your router for the name of your network and “open sesame” code will be a thing of the past.
That’s because it looks like iOS 11 includes a new WiFi password sharing tool. Although Apple didn't announce the feature during its keynote presentation at this week's Worldwide Developers Conference, many developers who are testing a beta version of iOS 11 have taken to Twitter with their excitement.
From the looks of tweeted screenshots, if you're visiting a friend and want to access their network, you can hold your iPhone near one of their logged-in devices. Your friend will see a notification and, from there, be able to grant you access — no texting of complicated letter and number sequences necessary. According to 9to5Mac, the pairing process is similar to that of setting up AirPods.
Other developers have noted that iOS 11 lets you choose whether you want the apps you're using on background to refresh using data or only WiFi. Select the latter and your chances of accidentally going over your monthly data limit is much slimmer.
If you don't want to wait for iOS 11 to formally roll out this autumn, you can sign up here to take part in the public beta. Alternatively, most telecommunications companies will allow you to change your WiFi password through an online account.

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