Did Liam Payne Just Diss Zayn Malik Over Leaving One Direction?

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
The One Direction guys have all gone their separate ways now, but they're still reminiscing about their times as a five-man group. During an event with Glamour in London, Liam Payne brought up some sensitive material about Zayn Malik while introducing late night host and comedian James Corden as the recipient of the evening's "Man of the Year" award. While on stage working his limited stand-up material, Payne compared Corden's early days as a wannabe boy bander to his own time with a rather famous internationally-known group, One Direction, Teen Vogue reports.
"Their band was called Insatiable," the singer told the crowd of Corden's group, adding that they even had a slogan. "One Direction never had a slogan," Payne said. "I'm feeling like if we had a slogan, Zayn might have stayed." Mic drop. Sort of.
From his expression, it's pretty clear that Payne meant the comment in pure jest, especially since all of the ex-1Ders seem to be doing just fine with their solo careers. The whole scenario is right on par with the long-fabled feud between the two men. Because of this, some fans online are still a little upset at the potential Zayn zing. "Liam needs to stop mentioning Zayn too," one fan tweeted. Another felt Payne was saying Malik's name for self promo. One person wrote on Twitter, "I don't even stan zayn but why can't liam keep him out of his mouth all the time jfc."
Payne does have a slight history of dissing his former band mates, but in the end, I'm ruling this one: Not A Diss, just a jab at a sore wound (at least for the One Direction stans).

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