A School Sent A Student Home For 'Not Wearing A Bra'

Illustration: Marina Esmeraldo
Schools and workplaces are frequently offended by how women and girls choose to clothe their bodies. Whether it’s the length of our skirts or the height of our heels, we are still being denied equal treatment because of what we wear, which, in 2017, is anachronistic to say the least.
The latest institution to discriminate on this basis? Hillview School for Girls in Tonbridge, Kent, which allegedly sent a sixth-form pupil home because she wasn’t wearing a bra and was "distracting male teachers". Really, people are still employing that tired, sexist excuse, which places the responsibility on girls for how grown men behave.
An anonymous mother told Kent Live that her daughter was removed from class for this reason, and students were reportedly outraged by the school's actions. "Can’t believe people are getting sent home from school for not wearing a bra 'because male teachers get distracted' f*** off hillview," read one tweet, which has since been deleted.
It also allegedly sparked an outbreak of solidarity among a group of fellow students, who turned up to school braless the next day, MailOnline reported.
However, the school denied the problem was the student's bralessness, instead saying she was ejected because of her “inappropriate attire”, which was described as a “near see-through top”. Its headteacher, Hilary Burkett, said the school's “professional dress code” applies to all students. “This is to ensure that students present themselves smartly and as positive role models to the younger years.
“On the rare occasions where a student chooses to not adhere to the dress code or dresses inappropriately, they are asked to go home and change so the school can maintain its high standards at all times.”
Bra or no bra, no one should be denied their education because of what they're wearing – and especially not because of the effect an outfit may have on male teachers.

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