Serena Williams Sets The Rumors Straight On The Sex Of Her Baby

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock/REX.
During an interview at the French open on Wednesday, May 31, Venus Williams appeared to reveal the sex of Serena Williams' baby. When Eurosport asked her "What is the baby going to call you?", she responded, "She's going to call me 'favourite aunt. We're all like, 'Baby V, baby Lyn, baby Isha.' We all want the baby to be named after us."
Since Venus said "she," many presumed that Serena's having a girl. But in fact, she doesn't know yet, she clarified on Instagram. "I think the surprise of knowing what you are going to have on that very special day you give birth is prob the best surprise you can ever have!" she wrote.
So then why did her sister say "she?" Here's her explanation: "So to clarify what Venus said, I am always joking with my sisters to see what favours I can get them to do for me next. If I want something from one of my sisters, I say baby Venus, baby Lyn, or Baby Isha needs it. I did not grow up with any brothers, only sisters, and we all say 'she' more than 'he.' Unless I'm joking with my dad or Alexis and I'm trying to con something out of them too...' she added. 'Hey, I'm the youngest of 5 I've always tricked them, what can I say!"
It does make a strange sort of sense, and it fits what she said at the Met Gala last month. "We're waiting," she told Vogue. "[It's] a surprise." Whether or not she's actually considered V, Lyn, or Isha, she's just saying "baby" for the time being.
Williams accidentally announced her pregnancy over Snapchat while recording the process for herself. The father is her fiancé Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Since Williams was 20 weeks pregnant in April, their bundle of joy should be arriving sometime in August or September. Hopefully, no more information will be accidentally leaked, and she'll learn the sex then.

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