We Asked 10 Young Women How They Plan To Vote In The General Election

It feels like only yesterday that Theresa May called the snap election, but this Thursday it's actually happening. Millions of us will take to the polls and mark that little 'X' on a bit of paper. Many of us have already done so via post. And thank god, because the stakes have arguably never been higher, what with Brexit, the NHS in near-tatters, threats to national security and a misogynistic bully leading the free world.
But the parties' manifestos differ wildly – not least when it comes to issues that disproportionately affect women – so our choice will have consequences. Unfortunately, young women are statistically among the least likely to cast their vote. Fewer than half of 18-to-24-year-old women and just 54% of women aged 25-34 voted in the 2015 election, and fewer women than men voted in last year's EU referendum. What's stopping us? We spoke to young women supporting the gamut of parties about what's motivating them this year. So if you're yet to decide who to vote for, or toying with the idea of shunning the polling station altogether, their answers might inspire you to use your voice.

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