The Alt-Right Has Targeted Ariana Grande Following The Manchester Attack

Ariana Grande has received a deluge of online abuse from alt-right Trump supporters following the terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester in which 22 people died. Much of the abuse has centred on her liberal views and taken her quotes out of context.
Many of the insults referred to Grande's donut-licking controversy in 2015, in which she was caught on video licking a donut in a pastry shop and could be heard saying "I hate Americans. I hate America."
Facebook group Patriots for America posted a meme of the singer with the words “I hate Americans. I hate America.” And a caption calling her a "Pro refugee, Muslim sympathizer, anti-Trump, anti-American, Women's March organizer and raging liberal". Grande openly supported Clinton in the US election.
The caption added that Grande was now "suddenly wishing she was back in the safety of the America she hates so much! #ArianaGrande #LoveItOrLeave." On Tuesday, pictures emerged of the singer touching down on US soil for the first time since the tragedy.
Alt-right Twitter accounts, including conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, The Rebel TV's Jack Posobiec, Paul Joseph Watson, and former KKK leader David Duke, who also posted an antisemitic tweet, then proceeded to share the meme and other photos of the star.
Trump-supporting trolls also brought up Grande's tweets following the US election, in which she said she was "in tears" following the "utterly terrifying" result.
Alt-right troll and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous, who is banned from Twitter, has also publicly slammed the singer for her liberal views since the attack. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, he wrote that she was, "too stupid to wise up and warn her European fans about the real threats to their freedom and their lives."
He added: "She will remain ferociously pro-immigrant, pro-Islam and anti-America. Makes you wonder whether they bombed to attack her or in solidarity." As if the world needs more mindless hatred right now.

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