The New Taxi App That's Set To Replace Uber In London

Photo: Courtesy of Taxify
We’re loathe to admit it, but even with the night tube running through much of London, we still rely on Uber to get us home from ill-advised nights out. Not only is it an expensive habit, but the company has also had more than its fair share of scandals, meaning we're a little ashamed of our reliance on it.
From the ongoing criticism surrounding its treatment of drivers, to the mass move to boycott the app earlier this year, to the allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination within the company made by a former employee, it’s fair to say the company is pretty controversial.
It’s all very well calling out Uber for its misconduct, but what’s the alternative when you’re stranded in zone 5 after hours on a school night, we hear you ask? Well, luckily one rival app could be vying for Uber’s crown in London by the end of 2017.
Taxify, co-founded by Estonian brother act Markus and Martin Villig, already operates in 22 cities and is Europe’s fastest-growing taxi app, with more than 1 million customers, according to The Memo.
It’s the biggest taxi app in Estonia and much of eastern Europe, as well as parts of Africa, and now the company has London in its sights, with an expected launch date of later this year.
London may be a trickier market for Taxify to crack than many others, as taxi regulations in the capital are more stringent than elsewhere and Uber still dominates the market, but Uber had better watch its back.
Admittedly, the two apps are very similar. But when you dig a little deeper there are actually some important differences that may give Taxify an edge over Uber when it eventually launches in the capital.

Treatment of drivers

In short: Taxify drivers get a better deal than Uber drivers. Taxify drivers pay a 15% commission back to the company, compared with the 30% that Uber drivers are required to pay back. Cheaper commissions also result in cheaper fares for customers.
Taxify drivers can also set themselves a radius within which they would like to select their next job, allowing them to work close to home if they want to, the Evening Standard reported.

Customer convenience

Compared with Uber, Taxify also offers some pretty sweet perks for customers, too. The app has a support team in each city providing support round the clock. Handy if you've got a burning question and want help instantly, rather than having to contact the app and wait, at best, hours or, at worst, days for a reply.
Taxify users also have the option of paying by cash if they'd prefer, whereas Uber only accepts card payments. Customers using Taxify can also text their drivers for free instead of calling them – the app offers both options.
According to feedback from Taxify customers on social media, the app's drivers are willing to take your preferred route. Because, sometimes we really do know the quickest way back to our own flat, thanks very much.
We hope Taxify takes off, but even if it doesn't, maybe, just maybe, Uber will follow its example and give its drivers a fairer deal (and prevent instances like this from happening again).

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