Lorde Debuts New Single At Coachella

Word on the street is that flower crowns are so last year but debuting new singles at Coachella is a different story.
On Saturday, the Indio crowd went wild when Lady Gaga released her new single “The Cure” during her set. But it turns out Gaga isn’t the only Coachella performer who’s full of amazing surprises. When Lorde took to the Coachella stage on Sunday, she debuted another new tune titled “Homemade Dynamite.”
This marked Lorde’s second exciting surprise of the weekend. On Friday night, she made an unexpected appearance at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, California, marking her very first live performance since 2014. It was well worth the wait — she performed new material, including a song called “Sober.”
When she took the stage on Sunday night, expectations were undoubtedly high — and Lorde totally killed it.
"This next song that I'm about to play you is brand new. Nobody has heard it," Lorde told the crowd before she performed “Homemade Dynamite” for the first time. "I want you to do me a favour, Coachella: I want you to give this birthday the biggest fucking birthday of all-time. Let's bring it into the world in the best way."
“Homemade Dynamite” will be on Lorde’s new album Melodrama, which drops June 16. The singer-songwriter talked to the crowd about the inspiration behind the highly-anticipated new album. She said each night has good moments and bad moments all over the emotional spectrum, and that’s what she tapped into as a songwriter.
"I thought about all the ups and downs of being a twentysomething, specifically all the ups and downs of an evening. So I spent a lot of time going out, as you do, and I was struck by all of the facets of an evening," Lorde explained. "It was the dichotomy of those two things that I'm very interested in."
We can’t wait for Melodrama — but those of us who are doing #couchella at home can listen to “Sober” and “Homemade Dynamite” in advance, too. A few lucky Coachella attendees have been kind enough to share Lorde’s performances with us on YouTube and other social media platforms. Check it out below.

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