Pret’s New Super Colourful Veggie Spring Menu Has Arrived

If you're veggie or vegan (particularly if you're a Londoner), today is arguably better than Christmas. Not only does it mark the launch of the second Veggie Pret (Shoreditch, east London), but it’s also the first day of the chain’s new spring veggie menu. Rejoice!
Pret already had a strong vegetarian and vegan selection, having launched a string of new items earlier this year, and its new colourful menu further cements its position as the go-to lunchtime spot for veggies, vegans and those who just enjoy eating healthily.
The new menu is available across the UK from today – and we’re heading to our nearest branch for lunch and dinner to celebrate.
Photo: Courtesy Of Pret


There are four new delicious-looking salads, which, when viewed together, contain all the colours of the rainbow. Three of them are vegan: the sweet potato, falafel and smashed beets veggie box (£4.50), the super beans, broccoli and turmeric cauli veggie box (£4.50), and the cauli and turmeric super-veg salad (£4.75). There’s also the non-vegan roast beets, squash and feta veggie box (£4.50), and a new greens, grains and chicken salad for the omnivores (£4.75)


More good news for anyone who enjoys getting their five-a-day while expending the minimum possible effort (guilty!). Pret’s new veggie flatbreads will be right up your street. The vegan super-veg rainbow version (£3.75) is bursting with colour, and the squash, feta and mint flatbread (£3.99) has got us salivating. There’s also a new chicken, pesto and rocket flatbread (£3.99), for anyone who hasn’t yet jumped on the veggie train.
Photo: Courtesy Of Pret

Toasted tortillas

Pret has also launched four new tortillas, but sadly none of them are vegan or guaranteed vegetarian as the same equipment is used to toast all tortillas and toasties. However, if you’re strictly veggie or vegan you could toast them yourself.
The meat-free options are an eggs florentine toasted tortilla (£3.99), and an avocado, cheddar and chipotle version (£4.25). Meanwhile, meat-eaters can gorge themselves on the new egg, bacon and avocado toasted tortilla (£4.25), or the chipotle chicken toasted one (£4.25).

Turmeric latte

Turmeric may not necessarily make us age slower or cure illnesses like heart disease and cancer, but those turmeric lattes sure are delicious – and now you won’t have to spend £4 at a fancy coffee shop when you fancy a golden beverage. Pret’s creamy, dairy-free turmeric and black tea drink is just £2.70 and contains a warming mixture of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg.

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