Glossier Is Dropping Something New — But It’s Not Makeup Or Skin Care

Glossier is the brand that made millennial pink a thing, clear brow gel a staple, and sheer lipstick sexy. So what’s next on the team’s docket? Turns out, there's a lot. But this time around you probably won't be able to guess what's coming down the line, and thanks to the Fat Mascara podcast and Emily Weiss, we have a few juicy details.
On Episode 52, beauty editors Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Matlin interviewed Weiss, the founder of Into The Gloss and Glossier, about her company and what's coming down the pike. First things first, Weiss revealed Glossier is working on an eyeshadow of sorts (she was rocking a smoky grey-blue hue on her lids) and a sunscreen. But that's not what made us sit up in our chairs, this was: When Matlin asked Weiss what kind of fragrance she prefers on the everyday, Weiss replied, “I’m a big Le Labo and Byredo fan. I go through phases. We’re also working on a perfume and I can say no more than that,” Weiss teased, “But it’s fucking amazing.” We'll bet.
While we can almost guarantee the impending fragrance will be coveted by everyone, we don't know much else about how it will smell. But we do have a few estimated guesses. Taking Weiss' favorite fragrance into account, which she mentioned in the interview, was Le Labo’s City Exclusive scent in Tokyo Gaiac 10. We can only infer that Glossier's scent will be a woodsy, musk blend with hints of cedar and frankincense. Sounds a bit sultry for the brand’s standards — but it could be a fun twist on its otherwise clean, crisp aesthetic.
Our second theory? Weiss also noted that Byredo’s Burning Rose candle is always lit in the Glossier showroom in New York. The £54 candle smells of rose petals, leather, rose absolute, violet, birch tree, and ebony woods. If you haven’t sniffed it yet, just know that it’s as delectable as a candle can get.
Hopefully, we won't have to wait too much longer to find out what aroma the company has in store for us. But if it's not packaged in a white and pink bottle, we're out.

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