The New Music Video From Brighton's Buzziest Band

Fickle Friends are a five-piece from Brighton that you need to get to know. After their last single "Brooklyn" piqued people's interest, they are now set to go stellar with their new track, "Hello Hello".
The video for their latest offering sees the band and various other people auditioning for, well, we're not sure really - but the casting director sure is fussy. Directed by Rob Brandon, who has worked with George Ezra, Sundara Karma and Gold Panda, it is a typical Fickle Friends video with plenty of retro outfits and some interesting colour schemes.
Refinery29 spoke to the band's fabulous lead singer Natti to get the lowdown on their new video.
Hey Natti, so what's your new single "Hello Hello" all about?
It’s about being with someone who’s kind of lost sight of who they are and what they’re worth… and sticking by them.
What was the idea behind the video?
I’m fascinated by the lengths people will go to in order to get a job or part. The video takes that idea to the extreme in a casting setting.
How involved did you get with the making of the video?
We got a pitch from Rob Brandon (the director) and then we sat and had coffee and worked in our own ideas so it became a combination of the two. We’re usually pretty involved with our videos in the initial discussions, but on the day we just roll with it and do what we’re told!
Where was it filmed?
It was filmed in a run-down sports hall somewhere in east London, you wouldn’t know it was even there…the building conceals it well! No chance of getting papped there (not that we ever get papped, ha.)
Do you think about the band's aesthetic a lot?
We’re definitely aware of our visuals and making everything seems consistent. Our vibe is late '80s early '90s sportswear and a sort of throwback feeling. I think you can see that in the video too.
What’s next for you guys?
We’re currently putting together a new show for the summer, adding some tracks from the album, and then we head out on tour with The Kooks at the end of the month!
What’s the one thing you want to achieve in 2017?
We want to have a number 1 album please. If you could make that happen we’d really appreciate it ;)

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