If Kate Moss Can Wear Comfy Shoes, Why Can't You?

Kate Moss is the impossible cool. The model perfected and personified the heroin chic look that dominated '90s high fashion. Even now, in the midst of the relatable revolution in fashion and beauty, Moss retains some of the unattainable and aspirational essence that made her the model of yesteryear. We don't have to tell you that she's still got her style game on lock.
So it grabbed our attention, a bit, when Vogue announced that Moss had announced that comfortable shoes can be chic.
The shoes in question are a pair of suede red plimsolls that she wore to walk around London with her best friend, James Brown (not that one).
Photo: Neil Mockford/GC Images/Getty Images
The look is a simple one: All black with a shock of red in the shoes. But it also tells a story that can be easily applied to anyone's life. That comfortable shoes don't necessarily mean unstylish shoes.
So Kate Moss making slip-ons look like a regular part of any chic person's wardrobe is amazing because she annihilates the choice. Nobody would say that Kate Moss looks frumpy (or pick your anti-feminist code word), that's ridiculous.
All this to say, put on those firetruck-red plimsolls and wear them proudly. Kate Moss said it was ok.

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