The Coolest Piercing Trends From Around The World

Photo: Courtesy of Brian Keith Thompson/Body Electric.
A quick survey of your yoga class or brunch buddies can tell you what piercings reign supreme in your circle. But what if we lived in another part of the world? Would we still see countless constellations dancing across the earlobes of our nearest and dearest? It’s a question we took to an all-knowing oracle (Instagram, of course).
There, we spent hours tracking what people in some of the coolest cities, like Verona, Tokyo, Helsinki (and yes, New York and L.A.) are piercing. What we found revealed both inventive options (like edgy dermal piercings) and a few old-school styles that are having a major comeback (don't tell Britney, but belly button bling is back). Also in the mix: more types of ear piercings than we ever imagined were possible.
Some styles are giving us major ideas. (If you ask us, dermal piercings on the nape of the neck are primed to be the new patterned undercut, come summer.) And others we encountered? Well, we’re tensing up just thinking about them. (PSA: people are getting barbells put in their butt cracks. But don't worry — they haven’t made the most requested list just yet.)
Ahead, see the biggest body mods to hit Bogotá, Nairobi, and more.

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