Christian Louboutin Launches New Eye-Enhancing Collection

In 2014, Christian Louboutin added to his red-soled shoe empire by launching a set of sumptuous nail polishes, in the most immaculate and luxurious packaging possible. In 2016, he further expanded his beauty offering with a line of high-shine, super-pigmented lip lacquers and, later in the year, with a trio of evocative fragrances in jewel-toned flacons designed by architect Thomas Heatherwick.

This March,􏰆 Louboutin launches a luxury line of makeup products to enhance the eyes, intro􏰂ducing a new mascara, ink liner, eye definer and brow definer in extremely saturated pigments for the purest and deepest colour payoff􏰇. Louboutin explains why it was the natural next step to develop a beauty range focusing on the eyes, the most expressive part of your face: "You can see happiness,􏰆 sa􏰂dness,􏰆 fear,􏰆 fierceness... 􏰊You d􏰂efinitely see everything􏰇 throug􏰇h the eyes􏰃􏰋."
The result is a collection that combines sensual application with the intensely rich colour and􏰂 attention to d􏰂etail we might expect from the revered French 􏰂desig􏰇ner.􏰃 Luxurious and􏰂 uni􏰌quely slend􏰂er,􏰆 each prod􏰂uct offers a precise an􏰂d sensual 􏰇gesture, similar to calli􏰇graphy.􏰃 The Christian Louboutin eye collection is artfully 􏰂desig􏰇ned􏰂 to prov􏰄id􏰂e 􏰂definition and􏰂 a􏰂􏰂dd to the expression of a woman’s eyes,􏰆 amplifying􏰇 the essence and􏰂 power of her g􏰇aze􏰃.

Louboutin was influence􏰂d by 􏰍Kathak􏰅ali,􏰆 a form of classical Ind􏰂ian d􏰂ance.􏰃 The d􏰂ancers are 􏰅known for their extra􏰄vag􏰇ant mak􏰅eup,􏰆 including􏰇 elaborately 􏰂drawn eyes,􏰆 brin􏰇ging􏰇 attention to their 􏰂dramatic eye mo􏰄vements and􏰂 expressions􏰆 which are an inte􏰇gral aspect of the 􏰂dance􏰃.

In bringing ‘Les Yeux Noirs’ to life, Louboutin visualised one of his beauty icons, Queen Nefertiti’s infamous sculpted eyes – a nude lid precisely lined with carbon-black charcoal liner. This look emboldened her eyes and served to signify her powerful spirit. The designer delved further into the symbolism of ancient Egypt – a place and culture that constantly feeds his imagination – for the creation of the striking packaging: the Egyptian motifs of lotus flower petals and obelisks meld with art deco geometry to create these modern objets d’art.

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