This Girl's Bathroom Selfie With An Older Woman Is Going Viral

When 18-year-old model Mahri posted these photos on Twitter, she did it because they made her smile. Little did she know over 53 thousand people would feel the same. The photos have racked up thousands of likes and shares, with people commenting how much the images warmed their hearts.

The photos show Mahri and her friends in a bathroom with an older woman. Together, the four of them posed for some incredible mirror selfies. Those alone are enough to make your heart grow a couple sizes, but the story behind them is even better.

"A couple of my girlfriends went out to the casino where there's the club and the dinner area as well," Mahri told Refinery29. "And a lady came in and was so chatty with me and kind and she had said that she missed going out with her girlfriends and dressing up and I just said, we are your girlfriends like look at you, you look gorgeous!"

So the four of them shared this simple but charming moment, which Mahri feels is a bright spot in otherwise dark times.

"There's so much bad and negative things going on in the world and I know it brightened my day," she says. "And seeing how many lives it's touched makes me feel so blessed that I had the chance to do so."

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