Why 37 Million People Have Watched This Samsung Ad

The holidays are usually when there's a proliferation of narrative commercials that reduce even the most angsty holiday shoppers to tears. (In 2016, the contenders for top cryfest were Allegro's "English for Beginners" and Amazon's "A Priest and Imam meet for a cup of tea.") But one ad, which Samsung posted on YouTube on December 30, took a little longer to pick up steam, and is now making a late-season play for the top spot. The commercial, first brought to our attention by CNET, originally aired in India and promotes Samsung's service vans and their promise to "go to every corner of the country to ensure that we are with you when you need us." As with the most meaningful holiday ads, though, this one stays with us not because of the service it's advertising, but because of the touching message it sends. We won't give away what happens, but the most basic plot is this: A woman needs help fixing her TV. After you watch, you'll understand why, given the current political climate, this commercial has garnered so much attention, with 37 million views on YouTube — and counting. Watch it below, with at least one box of tissues nearby.

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