We’re In Love With Grimes’ New Ink

Tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart. Not only because they can be painful, but also because, sometimes, they are hard to cover up. And, while the tides are beginning to turn, big or highly-visible designs are often still considered a mark of rebellion, leading plenty of celebrities into the arms of delicate or hidden ink. Grimes — the Canadian singer-songwriter — is not one of them. She revealed a brand-new tattoo via Instagram today, and it's bigger and bolder than we could have imagined. Better still, it's like a true work of art.

new tattoo by @delphinenoiztoy тихо

A photo posted by Grimezsz (@grimes) on

Tattoo artist Delphine Noiztoy penned the ink in a brush stroke-like manner, starting from the musician's mid thigh to the top of her foot. The piece covers almost the entirety of the front part of her leg — giving serious abstract vibes — and reads “тихо,” which roughly translates to "quietly" or "softly" in Russian. A beautiful contradiction given its size, indeed.
This is not the first tattoo for Grimes, either. Just nine weeks ago, she posted an intricate, middle-finger design that determined to “make this hand happen.” Though the artist is no stranger to body ink, this newest one is easily her boldest yet — and it's inspiring us all to think long and hard about that piece we’ve been stewing on.

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