Watch Mariah Carey's Son Lip Sync "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Like A PJ-Clad Boss

This acorn didn't fall far from the tree.

Little Moroccan Cannon, the 5-year-old of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, proved he's inherited his mother's affinity for both amazing sleepwear and rousing holiday tunes. Obviously, he's got a favourite in the latter category: Mama Mimi's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

The kiddo energetically lip syncs and dances to the holiday hit in a new home video shared by his mother. While Carey whips up some marinara sauce in a slinky red satin nightgown, a PJ-clad Moroccan skips around the kitchen with his gingerbread man dance partner. It's pretty freaking adorable.
"Merry Christmas everybody," his pop star mom captioned the video. "I'm making my favourite sauce and I hope you're enjoying the Yuletide cheer!"

Oh, we are, Mariah. We are. Your kid just went straight to the top of our nice list.


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