We Might Soon Be Able To ‘Unsend’ WhatsApp Messages

Photographed by Kate Anglestein.
We've all been there. After sending an all-too-abrupt or drunken WhatsApp message, the regret sets in as quickly as we sent the misguided message. If only there were a way to retract our words and undo the potential damage. Well there soon might be, if rumours circulating around the internet are to be believed. WhatsApp is looking into introducing an 'unsend' function allowing users to take back their words, according to numerous reports. WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that shares news about changes made to the messaging app, suggests the beta build for iOS could enable users to revoke messages they've already sent.
A video suggests the recipient could get a notification after the message has been unsent, that reads: "Sender revoked the message". WABetaInfo also suggested that the update will allow users to edit a message once it's been sent, similar to Facebook's function that lets users retrospectively edit their statuses. It's unclear whether WhatsApp will make the 'edit history' visible to the recipient of the message, Metro reported.
There are also contradictory reports floating around about whether the app will let us delete messages after they've been read. These new features are currently only available to users with access to WhatsApp's iPhone beta version. These changes will be the first time the app has introduced the option to delete or edit messages since it launched in 2009. If the reports are true, just think of how many fights and misunderstandings this simple feature could prevent. Fingers crossed!

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