The Internet Is Losing It Over This Woman’s One Painted Nail

Only painting select, strategic nails — and then ignoring the rest — is a common beauty cheat, though few of us would admit to it. (Like only painting your big toenail that's visible in your peep-toe shoes.) If you can relate, the internet can now confirm you're far from alone. Twitter user @rileyelaine15 just publicly owned up to it on social media. As you can see in the post above, she got called out for painting a single fingernail to help it look camera-ready when holding a paper. The tweet has since gone viral. In an ongoing stream of cry-laughing emojis, thousands of commiserators have tagged their friends with "we would do this" comments. Others have posted flubs of their own. The truth is: This tweet is all of us.
The conversation has grown so much that Riley actually had to mute her phone notifications to save herself from waking up to 12,700 responses. So, if you can find solace in anything today, it’s that the rest of the world is just like us: We want pretty social media posts — and sometimes, all it takes is a damn good beauty shortcut to get it done.

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