These New Instagram Features Are Game-Changers

Instagram has announced two new features that will once again revolutionise how we use our favourite photo-sharing app.

We're still not bored of Instagram Stories, the app's Snapchat-like feature that launched in August, and now the app has premiered two new ways to keep us hooked.

It will now be possible to stream live video via Instagram Stories. When you're done, your live video will disappear, allowing you to share pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want.

It's a bit like Facebook Live, but the video won't be available to watch for all eternity afterwards (so no risk of your boss stumbling upon your embarrassing antics. Phew).

Instagram will begin testing live video today and will roll out the feature to everyone over the coming weeks.

Another new addition to the app is the ability to send temporary photos and videos to group and one-on-one conversations in Instagram Direct, the app's direct messaging feature.

More than 300 million people already use Instagram Direct every month, the company says, and this new feature will give them even more flexibility over what they share privately.

These new features in Direct will be available to everyone today. Hoorah!

Thanks Instagram, you've just made it a whole lot harder to quit you.

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