This Woman On Tinder Sounds Like She Wants Your Organs

Tinder bios never stop being fascinating. When swiping through the dating app, bios let you know if the person is looking for love, a hookup, or possibly your organs. At least, that really seems like the case for 27-year-old Nicole, whose bio has been making the rounds on the internet thanks to its oddly specific wording and somewhat suspicious demands.
"I am looking for a guy who is really trusting and healthy," the bio begins. "You most have both kidneys, non smoker and not be a big drinker or take any drugs that may damage the liver." The first part checks out, the second thing about the kidneys? Okay...but when it gets to the liver, that's when it's clear something's up. "Type O negative blood a plus!" she added at the end, solidifying that this has to be a joke, or a very, very creative way to go about an important medical procedure. But hey, we all like different things in our partners, so maybe Nicole just wants to make sure her potential dates check out — both medically and physically.

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