Lady Gaga Just Subtly Burned The Chainsmokers In One Tweet

Photo: Patrick Lewis/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock.
Lady Gaga is releasing a brand new album on October 21, haters be damned. This is the first album from Gaga herself (excluding her 2015 album with Tony Bennett, Cheek To Cheek) since Artpop in 2013, which was met with mixed reviews. Gaga is putting everything into Joanne, the new album, and even embarked on a bar crawl in Nashville earlier this month to promote her new material and evolving sound. Since Gaga is experimenting with some new styles, there are sure to be critics. One up-and-coming DJ group, The Chainsmokers, shared their opinion of the singer's single, "Perfect Illusion." Here's their review: “It sucks.” Apparently, Gaga got word and decided to burn them in the most subtle way: she asked them to take a listen to her new song which includes the lyrics: “I can’t wait to smoke them all, whole pack like Marlboro / Blow it in your face.”
To which they replied:
And while Gaga's shade was subtle (I mean seriously, who has the audacity to insult the Mother of Monsters?), her stans were not.

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