You Have To See The World’s Most Polite Twitter Debate

Political conversations on Twitter tend to be anything but tame. But a series of tweets exchanged between two men about Friday's Trump video are going viral for an unusual reason: They are ridiculously polite. Ian Mendes, an Ottawa, Canada, resident and radio host, started the conversation:
Another Ottawa resident, Daniel Munro, whose Twitter bio describes him as a faculty member at the University of Ottawa Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, fired right back with the best response:
Then, things got interesting. Mendes could have spat back, engaging in an angry debate à la Donald Trump. Instead, he initiated what has to be the kindest, most grown-up Twitter conversation in history:
Munro followed suit:
And then, Mendes warmed thousands of hearts when he showed that even in a time of political strife, there is some civility in the world.
People noticed.
And everyone felt warm and fuzzy inside.
Forget Justin Trudeau. We're moving to Canada to take Polite Tweeting 101 from these two. Bravo, gentlemen.

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