The Weeknd’s New Video Points To A Whole New Weeknd

Photo: Joe Schildhorn/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
The Weeknd has released the video for his single "Starboy", and it's just as eerie as one would expect. In the opening seconds, a shadowy figure suffocates The Weeknd with a plastic bag. Later in the video, The Weeknd destroys his various awards with a pink cross. After that, the singer goes for a late-night drive with a glowing-eyed puma. It's all violent imagery and darkness in the video, directed by Grant Singer. This isn't unusual for The Weeknd — the singer specialises in melancholia and extreme disdain, and the song "Starboy" finds him scorning his newfound fame. Lyrically, the 26-year-old catalogues his impressive accomplishments ("Milli point two just to hurt you, ah / All red lamb just to tease you, ah"), but the insistent drumbeat seems to quash any sort of celebration. "Look what you've done," he intones. "I'm a mothafuckin' starboy." One can't help but feel The Weeknd isn't too keen on this persona. When he suffocates in the video, we witness the death of The Weeknd's non-"Starboy" self. (The video distinguishes between the two characters with the disappearance of The Weeknd's iconic hair.) The video is a not-so-subtle portrait of an artist's moulting. The album is expected to be released November 25. While fans would no doubt love to hear more of The Weeknd's trademark sound, all signs point to a whole new type of artist. Watch the video, below — and look out for a cheeky cameo by Daft Punk, who are also featured on the song.

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