Gigi Hadid Defends Her Actions Against “Prankster” In Milan

Photo: Zacharie Scheurer/Getty Images.
Gigi Hadid does not appreciate being attacked by alleged "fans." According to Page Six, a "prankster" attacked Hadid after a fashion show in Milan. The assailant grabbed the supermodel from behind and lifted her in the air. Not one for enjoying spontaneous hugs from strangers, Hadid elbowed the attacker in the face until he let go. Allegedly, the attacker is Ukranian "personality" Vtalii Sediuk, who has made a name for himself "pranking" celebrities on the red carpet. His impressive list of accomplishments includes burying his face in Leonardo DiCaprio's groin, kissing Will Smith, shoving Kim Kardashian, and crawling underneath America Ferrara's skirt. All funny pranks, no? None of Sediuk's victims have reacted with the traditional, "Oho! A prank! How glorious!" (Is that how people react to pranks?) Will Smith slapped the guy. The Guardian reported that Ferrara was shaken by the incident. Most notably, Brad Pitt was granted an emergency restraining order against Sediuk after the "prankster" assaulted him at the Maleficent premiere. Sediuk's latest victim is just as irate. Hadid spoke out on Twitter this morning to defend her actions. Yes, she had to defend her act of self-defence. Some websites have portrayed Hadid as a violent, elbowing diva, referring to Sediuk as a "fan." A headline also appeared reporting that "Gigi Hadid Aggressively Lashes Out and Elbows Fan In The Face." (Does anybody else smell victim-blaming? Just me?) Though the headline has since been edited, the internet remembers. Twitter has the memory of an elephant (or, like, idk, a computer...) After a fan tweeted in support of Hadid, the model responded on Twitter. She argued that Sediuk was not a "fan" and that "aggression" was merely self-defence. See the exchange below:
When does a "prank" become a violent act? Sediuk's Youtube channel says he performs "celebrity pranks." Is it really a prank if it infringes on the safety of another person? As someone in the spotlight, Hadid has good reason to care about her safety. There is a reason celebrities have bodyguards. Godspeed, Hadid, and may you keep slaying.

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