This Car Designed For Women Embodies Every Possible Stereotype

It may seem like your car hasn't let you down. But apparently, all these years, you've been driving a vehicle suited for the wrong gender. At least that's the implication of a new car that purports to be designed to meet women's unique needs. At FashFest in London, Cosmpolitan unveiled a car it created in collaboration with Spanish automaker Seat. It's made specifically for women...which I guess implies all other cars are for men?
So, what's this car got to woo the female demographic? Window breakers designed for shattering the glass ceiling? Bumper stickers with sassy feminist slogans? Nope. The Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan has jewelled wheels, purple exteriors, champagne-coloured mirrors, and headlights that mimic eyes in eyeliner, according to Jalopnik. Apparently, women can't be into cars unless you sprinkle in some fashion or makeup.
An article announcing the car explains that women "want something that's agile, and easy to park and drive. But they also want a car that looks stylish and cool, and suits their personality." Sure, we all want products that look good and are usable. But implying that women in particular need something "easy to park and drive" doesn't exactly help debunk stereotypes, nor does the implication that women value style while men care more about function.
Is making products catered toward women a worthy goal? Sure, but it depends how we're defining "women." Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan is operating off a definition that's outdated, infantilising, and, for many, alienating. Add this under BIC for Her Pens to the growing list of pointlessly gendered products.

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