The Jeremy Corbyn Emoji Is Now A Thing

Blac Chyna has one; Justin Bieber has one; Kim Kardashian obviously has one. These days you're no one without your own line of custom emoji. Well, in today's unlikely news, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, announced he's about to launch his own, called CorbynEmoji. (Clearly, "Jeremoji" wasn't mentioned during that brainstorming sesh.)
Corbyn likes to present himself as a man of the people – by sitting on the floor during a recent three-hour train journey, for instance – and he has been credited for the resurgence in the number of young people joining Labour. This seems to be his team's latest attempt to connect with the Youth Of Today. The set of "limited edition" emoji is available to anyone who checks whether they're eligible to vote in the upcoming Labour leadership election and signs up to the Corbyn campaign's newsletter.
If you're eligible, you will then get sent the emoji "before general release". The set includes a marrow emoji (which looks worryingly like the trusty eggplant), Corbyn wearing a flat cap and his beige suit/red tie combo. While the move has gone down well among some Corbynistas...
Not everyone is amused. Some have implied that the release marks a new low for political campaigning.
Only time will tell whether Corbyn's attempt connect with millennials will bear fruit. The results of the Labour leadership election will be announced on Saturday the 24th of September.

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