Pokémon Go Surpasses 100M Downloads & Makes A Shocking Amount Of Money

Pokémon Go has been downloaded 100 million times on Android and iOs combined, according to a new report from App Annie. The game had previously set a record for fastest to 50 million installations on Android, reaching that number in only 19 days per a TechCrunch report. But the App Annie report holds another very big number: $10 million (£7.5 million). That’s the daily revenue that the game is still producing, despite having been out for around three weeks. That’s a huge number, and it’s being driven because Pokémon Go is occupying a heretofore under-utilised mobile space: Letting users out in the world. The game has surpassed Facebook as the app with the longest time open on Android phones, but not reduced the amount of time Facebook spends open. “As Pokémon GO’s gameplay relies on users being out and about, consumers seem to have incorporated the game into their daily routines and commutes,” App Annie writes. “Despite this pattern, the average time spent per user and open rate for Pokémon GO actually exceeded that for Facebook during the week following its release in the US on Android phones. This implies that Pokémon GO is successfully acquiring a sizeable chunk of previously ‘non-mobile time’.” That could be big news for future app developers, as they try to hit on games that require you to move around. Clash of Clans and Mobile Strike aren’t in any danger of being knocked off the top of the traditional mobile gaming pyramid, but they could see competition from things that require, you know, motion. Those are probably, given the mobile cycle, at least a year or two out.

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