Rallies Take Over Philadelphia At The DNC

We thought that when we left the Republican National Convention and arrived in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention we would be somewhat in the clear. That all the bombast and dramatics would be left in Cleveland with a party so divided that one of the convention speakers refused to endorse the nominee. How wrong we were. It turns out, there's lots of action to be seen at the DNC. So, we're continuing our daily, 360 coverage. Our hope? That through these immersive videos you can peek behind the headlines and feel what it's really like to be on the ground in the city that everyone in the country has their eyes on. Everyone's watching. Now it's your turn.
Day Two: July 26, 2016
The Westboro Baptist Church is a small, family-run group that seeks to spread a message of hate against the LGBTQ community, minority groups, Jews, and soldiers. So, when the Mazzoni Center, an LGTBQ health facility in downtown Philadelphia, caught wind of the Church's planned protest on its street, it decided to prepare a counter-protest. There, a large turnout proved that love truly can drown out hate. Watch the touching 360 video to feel what it was like to be there as a community came together against bigotry. Day One: July 25, 2016
The DNC kicked off with a dramatic start in Philadelphia. (Who would have thought Debbie Wasserman Schultz would become a household name?) But it wasn't just the convention floor that was raucous. Outside City Hall, hundreds of protesters gathered with signs, megaphones, and chants, vying to be heard. During the convention's first and biggest march — a Bernie-or-Bust walk that took the overheated city by storm — we zeroed in on one specific mission and the unique way its proponents sought to spread its message. Hint: It was called a "Jaywalk," and there was a 51-foot joint involved.

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