Liam Payne Goes Solo And Life Goes On

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images.
Hold on to your 1D badge-maker, Liam Payne is embarking on a solo career, according to The Independent. Rather like announcing you're quitting your job at a magazine, after the magazine you work for has already folded, Liam's announcement is, you know, semi-noteworthy and potentially deserving of a comforting pat on the back. In Boy Band History it is a subject upon which we're well-schooled, comparable to Mark Owen's departure from Take That, after Robbie had already fled the nest (only time will tell if Harry or Zayn is Robbie). Here are the shocking tweets that broke the story:
He is of course not the first member of One Direction to get his big-boy pants on and try out the whole solo gig for size. Harry Styles, AKA the fit, cool one that everyone knows, confirmed the band's hiatus and from March 2016 has been busy filming a Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk, in France, as one does on a "hiatus". The other band members, like the blonde Irish one and the other one have been busy partying and adjusting to fatherhood respectively. While we've not heard if Harry has been working on any solo stuff yet, we've HeArD AlL Of ZAyn'S MU$ic AnD WE'Re So INto HIs AlbuM "Pillowtalk" and the fact that he's now dating America's most famous model Gigi Hadid and living the LA dream. While Liam's tweets confirm solo music, they're also not telling us whether 1D will ever reunite or not. The band's founder and hairy henchman, Simon Cowell, told Billboard: “I don’t know if it’s a hiatus or a breakup, to be honest.” We think that's a "no" from the Hun.

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