This Is What Glastonbury Looks Like Today...

Glastonbury goers, brace yourselves for these images of a truly sodden Worthy Farm. If you were thinking about leaving your wellies in the garage, think again – and maybe pack waders? Seasoned festival goers will testify that come rain or shine, Glastonbury is still the most magical place to be on any given weekend in June, but even the hardiest of outdoorsy folk amongst us, might want to seriously re-think wardrobe options.

New snaps of Worthy Farm are doing the rounds online and in typical pre-Glasto scaremongering fashion, they've got us refreshing our BBC weather page through gritted teeth. Fear not, there's still everything to play for kids. The Met Office are predicting the following for Thursday through Saturday: "A good deal of fine and warm weather on Thursday, but risk of heavy thundery showers in the east. Sunshine and scattered heavy, perhaps thundery showers on Friday and Saturday."

Ok, sure, not all blue skies and sunshine, but we're holding out for a Glastonbury miracle – and, in the meantime, googling waterproof pants while attempting to channel those pictures of a wet Kate Moss emerging from the Thames for the new Ab Fab film.

See you on the fields!

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