Confirmed: We’re Getting 72 New Emojis This Month

Photo: Courtesy Unicode Consortium.
Get ready to clink your virtual Champagne glasses. The Unicode Consortium just gave final approval on not one, not 38, but 72 new emoji to arrive this month. Are you excited? We're excited. Much of the text-friendly icons are the same as the ones proposed last year. This notably includes a pair of clinking Champagne glasses (see what we did there?), avocado, croissant, and bacon, on the food and drink front. But it also includes several other very important images, including a woman shrugging, a woman face-palming, an arm taking a selfie, and a pregnant woman. There's also a nauseated face and a sneezing face, to better garner text-based sympathy when you pick up a nasty flu. This news from the Unicode Consortium is hot on the heels of Facebook Messenger's latest emoji update, which also brings more diverse emoji, including a female swimmer and police officer, and (FINALLY) red hair as a color option. The new emoji we'll see later this month also includes some gender parity: a prince to accompany the existing princess emoji, a male dancer to go with the female dancer, and Mother Christmas, to balance out Santa (Father Christmas). For the full list of all 72 new emoji, you can go here. Right now, they're still not available for our phones, but you can bet that as soon as our iOS and Android handsets are updated to include the new icons, we'll let you know. We wouldn't want you to miss out on the all the cartwheeling person action.

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