This All-Female Roller-Skating Club Is Seriously Badass

When describing her fellow skaters, one member of the all-female Moxi Skate Team put it like this: "We are tall and short; we are thick and skinny. The most important thing is we're all strong." The team got together to do one thing: roller-skate. As you can see in the videos above and below, we got the chance to spend some time with these awesome women in Long Beach, CA, were Moxi was founded. The team explains that in spite of Long Beach's widespread roller-skating culture, prior to Moxi's inception, the skate parks were by and large male-dominated. "It was really intimidating," one woman said. "It was all men, all on skateboards, staring at us because we looked absolutely insane on our roller skates." "Insane" might not be the best descriptor; we'd go with "insanely cool." To do what the Moxi women do at these skate parks, you need to be incredibly skilled, serious about skating, and okay with getting a little banged up. "You may always fall, but you're always going to get back up," one team member said.
But as you can see in the videos, these women usually end up nailing their twirls, back walkovers, and huge jumps. It seems that when they're surrounded by their "skate sisters," as they call each other, nothing can bring them down. These seriously badass women are all about breaking down barriers, proving people wrong, and more than anything else, having fun. Check out the video above to see the girls in action, and then watch the video below to get to know them a little better.
You can follow the team on Instagram @moxirollerskates.

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