Kim Kardashian Takes It To The Next Level With This Air Travel Look

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
You already know Kim Kardashian isn't one to show up for a flight in sweats and slippers. On Saturday morning, she took her airport style to a whole new level, wearing a slinky evening gown to JFK for a flight home to LAX with Kanye West. What's perhaps most surprising about this outfit, however, isn't its formality, but its practicality, layered as it is over a long-sleeve Adidas zip-up.

This all makes complete sense. She's always going to be photographed coming and going, so she can't afford to slack on fashion, no matter how long the security lines may be. At the same time, those transcontinental flights get chilly, so why not stay warm and invent a new layering trend in the process? Not to mention, she can use this opportunity to support her husband's brand, too!

This elevation of air travel style is classic Kim K. Her high-low mixing skills are well known, but to actually invent a new method of layering that combines eveningwear and athleisure is next level.

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