Why Some Fans Are Up In Arms Over Ivy Park Sizing

Courtesy of Topshop
For someone who has fiercely championed her own curves and bootylicious bodies worldwide throughout her career, Beyoncé's new activewear range Ivy Park ought to cater to her millions of female fans in all their varying shapes and sizes. However, since its international launch yesterday many fans have taken to social media to air their complaints that Queen Bey's line is currently only available in sizes from XS to XL, ignoring a significant part of her fanbase.
So are the complaints fair? The largest size available in the range is XL, equivalent to a UK 16-18, and the sizes begin at a UK 6 – a reasonably broad and accommodating spectrum, or at least no different to the majority of chains and stores on the highstreet. Beyoncé never promised us a plus size range and some have taken to Twitter to defend her and the Ivy Park sizing:

When you have as big a global following as Beyoncé, it goes without saying, that there will be many waiting in the wings to criticise her every move. In this case, we hope Beyoncé listens to her fans, is able to expand her line and answer the demands for those who feel disappointed.

There were far more fans than critics however, and we mean megafans, who queued up to get a piece of Ivy Park. The collection crashed the Topshop site and was almost an immediate sell-out yesterday. We wouldn't have expected any less. Slay, Queen.


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