Why This Music Industry Veteran's Job Ad Has Caused Outrage

A music industry veteran has been praised – but also criticised – for posting a job ad specifying that he wants to hire a "woman under thirty" as his assistant and ultimately business partner. Andy Inglis of 5000 Management, whose clients include Mercury Prize-nominated electronic musician East India Youth, explains in the ad that he is "tired of looking around and seeing people who look like me (middle-aged white men) running the industry," adding: "I won't help to perpetuate institutionalised sexism. You can probably report me under the Equality Act 2010, but I'll just remove mention of hiring a woman in the post, pretend I'm abiding with the terms of the Act, then go ahead and hire a woman anyway."

Though 43-year-old Inglis admits in the ad that the age restriction isn't absolute, writing "you're over 30, fine; tell me why I'm an idiot not to consider you for the role", he goes on to outline why he decided to impose it in the first place. "A younger person is more likely to have avoided 'my' industry and is looking to create their own, or to reshape what's there. They're more likely to have new ideas, to have enthusiasm, to be opened minded (sic), to have less going on in their life that might preclude them committing to my business, soon to become their business, to be willing to learn, to challenge, to question," he writes. "We need better executives, we need them to look something other than white and male. This is one of the ways I've chosen to help. You're at liberty to choose your own way."

The reaction on Twitter has been largely positive, with one follower posting, "Thanks for trying to change things!" and another writing, "Nice to see men approaching women in a male dominated industry." However, another follower tweeted at Inglis, "Ageism may well be the new sexism. Have I found my new panel angle? If so, thank YOU, grey old man." Inglis has since tweeted: "Now I'll just spend my day arguing with people on the internet about my wanting to hire a young person." Check out a selection of reactions to the job ad below.

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