This One-Take Piano Medley Of Kanye West Hits Will Blow Your Mind

Kanye is the newest artist to cover using non-original instrumentation. First, there was the orchestral pairing with Beethoven coming to Los Angeles next week. Now, there’s one man, a piano, and all of Yeezy’s hottest tracks.

Young Piano, as he calls himself, is from Frankfurt and has some serious chops on the ivories. The 13-minute video was filmed in one take and includes 21 songs. We won’t spoil the whole track list — that’s part of the fun — but highlights include “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Wolves,” “Blood On The Leaves” and basically everything else.

You’ll want to stick around to hear the entire thing. It’s fun to turn it on, switch tabs, and try to figure out how fast you can identify the songs. Some of them you get right away, others might take a second.


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