Iggy Azalea’s Fiancé Has Been Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
A young woman is claiming that Iggy Azalea's fiancé, Nick Young, was part of a group of men who sexually harassed the accuser and her mother. The woman, Alexis Jones, claims that she was driving around Hollywood when a car full of men pulled up next to her and began to direct "the most disgustingly vulgar gestures" toward her and her mother. Jones snapped pictures of the men in the car, and then uploaded a collage of their faces along with a caption explaining what she says happened to her. Earlier today, her public Instagram account appeared to have been deleted; it is now live, but private. The text from her caption is reprinted below. She wrote: "I pray these pics go viral because THIS is the problem with little boys. Five minutes ago, at the intersection of Melrose and La Bre here in LA, a jeep of four boys pulled up at a red light and started yelling and making the most disgustingly vulgar gestures at my mom and me. I rarely "rant" about things but this is the f%+#ing problem and the reason I've now dedicated my life to educating young men about respect, not just for women but for everyone. I'm angry. I'm insulted. I'm hurt. They were laughing hysterically until they realised I was filming them and immediately they panicked like the cowards they are. Thank you to all the real men out there who would never treat a mother and daughter that way... Speaking of, I'd love for this to make it back to their mothers!!! Help me find who these guys are!!! Let's see the power of social media and hold them accountable. I'd LOVE to have a candid conversation with them about sexual harassment not simply to shame them, but to understand their mentality so we can better educate young men to be respectful in the future. #littleboys #cowards #realmenrespectwomen #messedwiththewrongchick #wewillfindyou @iamthatgirl" A spokesperson for the L.A. Lakers, for which Young is a player, told ESPN that the team is looking into the situation and taking it "very seriously" as multiple team members were involved, including Young and Jordan Clarkson. Jones told ESPN that she already received an apology from Lakers spokesperson John Black. Jones is also the cofounder of a group called I AM THAT GIRL and the creator of a program called ProtectHer, designed to address "sexual abuse in athletics," she said. She had, ironically, also been in talks with the NBA about the program. Jones also told ESPN: "I'm not here to shame them. That's the last thing I want to do... I don't want to crucify them. I want to use it as an opportunity to change behavior."

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