The World Reacts To Brussels Bombing This AM

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This story was updated at 3:52 pm to reflect developments in the story. The city of Brussels has been shaken by three attacks this morning, at around 8am local time; two explosions at Zaventem Airport and a third at a Metro station in the suburb of Maalbeek. Current reports from the BBC claim that 10 people have been found dead at the scene of the Airport attack, and a further 20 people have been killed in the Metro blast, with 106 injured. The attacks were carried out by suicide bombers, and Islamic State group have claimed responsibility. Three days of mourning have been declared in Belgium.
The tragic incident follows the arrest of Salah Abdeslam in the Maalbeek suburb last week – the man who was the primary suspect in the terror attacks that took place in Paris last November. Press outlets such as the Guardian have speculated that the attacks in Brussels this morning were carried out as revenge for Abdeslam's capture. "For the terrorists, the aim is to show they can still terrorise, mobilise and polarise with violence," writes Guardian foreign correspondent Jason Burke, "This is not so much about revenge, but simply demonstrating a continued capability."
In the wake of this morning's bombings, the world mourns those whose lives were taken, and celebrities, MPs and journalists have taken to Twitter to express their condolences:
World leaders are taking a hard line response to what they believe to be deliberate acts of terror committed this morning, as others call for improved security in Brussels, home of the EU headquarters.
A statement from Russian President Vladimir Putin's press department read: "The president resolutely condemned these barbaric acts, expressed his condolences to the Belgian people and assured King Philippe of absolute solidarity with the Belgians in these difficult hours."
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has tweeted that the Belgian "Federal Government is monitoring the situation closely." He added: "Absolute priority goes to the victims and to the aid at the airport." British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn expressed his solidarity with those affected via Twitter:
As did former French President Nicolas Sarkozy: "I want to express my solidarity and remind my full support to the Belgian governmental authorities - NS #Bruxelles".
Elsewhere, debate has also followed responses to the attacks this morning, as some commentators have taken to Twitter to use the violence as evidence that Britain should leave the EU in this June's EU referendum. Below, Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson and The Sun columnist Katie Hopkins tweet about the attacks using the #brexit hashtag.
And finally, Donald Trump's response tweet has been lambasted by Twitter as predictably unsympathetic:
Below are some more of the world's responses to this morning's atrocities in Brussels, and the messages being sent to those who have lost a loved one. Meanwhile, according to the BBC, Brussels and France are on high security alert.

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