The Pill For Men: Coming Soon?

Photographed by Jessica Nash
Weight fluctuations, erratic skin, and even more erratic moods. Birth control pills affect all women differently but now it looks like the thrilling side effects that come with, you know, not falling pregnant each month might soon be able to be shared by men. Half a century after the Pill liberated women and kick started the sexual revolution, scientists are said to be close to finally inventing an oral contraceptive pill for men. According to The Times, scientists at University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy chose the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting in San Diego to relay the news. There are, however, a number of obstacles. The head of the research team, Gunda I. Georg, told The Times: “It would have to be soluble so it could be taken by mouth. It would start working fairly quickly and it wouldn't diminish libido. It would be safe even if taken for decades. And because some users would eventually want to have children, its impact on fertility would be reversible, with no lingering ill effects on sperm or embryos.” Georg apparently came to the idea after a 2015 study identified an enzyme used by sperm to penetrate eggs. While a more equal approach to birth control is to be welcomed, some women have been quick to point out that because pregnancy only affects their body, they’re unsure they would trust a man to be diligent with such a pill. Let us know in the comments section if you would be happy for your male partner to take such a pill.

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