Your Horoscope This Week — Mar 13 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Bring in the unicorns! Pisces season is drawing to a close, but we have one last enchanted week ahead of us. The sun waltzes through this fantasy-fueled sign until Sunday, making everything feel magical and a bit surreal. Deep-dive into the emotion ocean, but make sure to come up for air, too. It's a little too easy to drown in our feelings — or get caught up in other people's — when this sensitive and compassionate sign rules the skies.

On Monday, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars lock into a tangled angle, causing a little trouble in paradise. Venus is in dreamy (and denial-prone) Pisces, while fiery Mars is in keep-it-real Sagittarius. Can you see the conflict here? Address issues directly, but gently. And don't play the victim or throw a pity party to get your way. Making clear requests (not officious demands) is the way to bring back the love. To take the edge off complicated love situations, focus on moneymaking. The cosmic cash cow is mooing loudly on Wednesday, when lucky Jupiter and fiscal wizard Pluto team up in an auspicious trine (120-degree angle). This extremely rare connection repeats on June 26, and then not again until 2024. If you see an opportunity, seize it! The squeaky wheel gets the oil and the gold.

Sunday is the spring equinox, and the day the astrological calendar resets itself as the sun blazes into fiery, independent Aries — the first sign of the zodiac. Sweet freedom! Shake off the moody blues of Pisces season (yes, even if they were kinda fun to revel in) and keep it moving. The new, innovative, and trend-making is what daredevil Aries is all about — and under these motivating sunbeams, there's just no time to dwell on the past.

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