Will Ferrell Talks About His Body Insecurities (But, Like, In A Funny Way)

Photo: SIPA/REX/Shutterstock.
It may seem as if Will Ferrell has no qualms about his body (ahem), but the comedian has some thoughts on body image that are equal parts funny and honest. Ferrell appears on Wednesday's episode of Jerry Seinfeld's online show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and when he sits down to order a decaf French press coffee, Seinfeld asks him point-blank how much he weighs. Without hesitation, Ferrell responds: "218." (Later in the conversation, he interrupts Seinfeld to say, "I think I even lied. It's more like 220.") Although he happily shares his number with Seinfeld, Ferrell pauses for a moment, and then adds that he definitely thinks about his weight. He admits that he's thought, "For the amount I'm working out, why am I not losing more weight?" "I have to work out just to look fat," Ferrell says half-jokingly. When Seinfeld asks him what he wants to look like, Ferrell says that he'd like to weigh 200 pounds — and, well, maybe look better shirtless. Ever the supportive friend, Seinfeld reassures him, "That's why we have shirts!" Even though Ferrell delivered his insecurities in his usual deadpan tone, it's rare to see two famous men talk candidly about their bodies, particularly famous men who make their living from getting people to laugh. While the pressure for men to look a certain way is certainly less than what's placed on women, it's nice to know that men are helping to remove the stigma about body image issues. If we're all feeling insecure, then why shouldn't women and men talk about it? And hey, why not make it funny? You can watch the video here.

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