Exclusive: Daisy Lowe Fronts Pamela Love Campaign

Pamela Love is one of New York City's most cherished jewellery designers, adored for her rock 'n' roll aesthetic and sustainable ethos, and Daisy Lowe is one of London's most prized style stars, admired for her playful grunge chic approach to fashion. So it's certainly about time the two joined forces. But how did the transatlantic pair ever come together? To cut a long story short, Lowe had been obsessed with Love's pieces for a number of years and started following her on Instagram and, in return, Pamela soon started liking all of Daisy's pictures. This social media friendship then developed when the two began direct messaging but it took a couple of years to finally meet. When Lowe and Love eventually got together IRL, Pamela immediately asked Daisy to front her core collection campaign and the rest is history (albeit an incredibly modern one). As we share the first look of the stunning campaign images, we caught up with Daisy to discuss jewellery, style and working with her Insta-crush Pamela Love.
Is jewellery a significant part of your style? Can you remember your first piece?
Jewellery for me completes an outfit. I really love decorating my hands with lots of rings and a long necklace; it brings a personal element to a look. My first ever piece of jewellery was from my dear grandmother and is still very much cherished.

What is it that sets Pamela Love apart from other jewellery brands and why were you keen to be the face of this collection?

It was an honour when Pamela asked me to be the face of the core range. I really resonate with Pamela's designs as there is more of an ethereal concept to her creations. I am really drawn to the craftsmanship and the way it showcases the gems. How would you describe your approach to fashion?
My approach to fashion in my personal time always has an element of fun, rock 'n' roll with a modern French twist. Fashion is a continually evolving creative process, so for me I am always on a journey with it, but thats what makes it fun. Could you tell us a bit about shooting the campaign images?
The shoot was on a fresh New York day; I remember very clearly that the sun was bright at the beginning of the day and then started to haze over in the afternoon so we had great light. Energy was high but really calm as I had my amazing team in from London and was very excited to be back working again with Guy Aroch.
We listened to Pink Floyd, Joy Division and New Order so there was an air of nostalgia. We spent the whole day laughing and listening to Pamela's stories. There was definitely a moment during the 'golden hour' where we were shooting on the roof of the hotel and everything just seemed to magically come together and we had the shot in two frames. It's my favourite time of day to shoot. What's your favourite piece in the collection and why?
I have a few because the whole collection is so great! Absolute must-haves are all ArrowHead pieces, the double moon Ajan ring, the Pave Diana pendant with diamonds, the Luna ring, the Snake ring and I am absolutely obsessed with the tribal spike chandelier earrings I wore on the shoot. You're often at glamorous events and fashion shows but what's your go-to down day outfit?
High waisted black Paige denim jeans, Kit and Ace mixed cashmere T-shirts, Coco Cashmere grey roll neck with black Prada boots and my old faithful Alexander McQueen blazer which transforms any look. Follow Pamela Love on Instagram @pamelalove
Follow Daisy Lowe on Instagram @daisylowe

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