Your Horoscope For This Week — Feb 08 2016

Rule number one: Never be basic. And with Monday's new moon in fly-your-freak-flag Aquarius, the universal runway should be quite the spectacle. The vibes keep rolling on Saturday, too, when messenger Mercury heads into Aquarius until March 5. We all have a Ziggy Stardust living inside of us — whether we're zoot-booting on the daily or toying with an alter ego — and this new moon wants us to let it out. But not fitting in doesn't mean casting ourselves into the misfit role. Aquarius is also the sign of community, encouraging us all to be more inclusive of people who are "different." Geek is chic this week, too, as future-forward Aquarius energy could spawn some Einstein-level breakthroughs. Got an idea for an app, website, or YouTube series? Launch it near Monday's new moon and reap stellar rewards during the Aquarius full moon on August 18.
Sunday is Valentine's Day, but with all the laid-back, "one love" Aquarian energy floating around, we'll almost forget to be romantic. Fortunately, Cupid flutters in on the wings of a decadent Taurus moon and puts us back in a slow, sensual groove. Don't skimp on the traditional touches this year — and don't be cheap! Better to buy bae a single bon-bon from the haute chocolatier than than to pop up with a stale, foil-wrapped 10-pack from the corner shop. Bighearted Jupiter enters the picture near dinnertime, making late afternoon and evening dates the most gushy and affectionate. Plan accordingly.

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