Every Instagram Cliché In One Mesmerising Viral Video

Yes, the overhead brunch shot is overdone (sorry, still guilty). And yes, selfies, elevator selfies, and peace sign selfies are as popular as ever. But to put things into perspective, Vimeo user and artist Hiérophante, decided to splice together all of the most popular Instagram clichés in one super mesmerising music video. It starts, obviously, with the mirror selfies.
And then it moves on to elevator selfies, bath time leg photos (not to be confused with hot dog legs), and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
"I took advantage of our tendency to be unoriginal on social media to make this animation. Everything from images search to editing is made 'by hand' without any automated software," the artist writes on Vimeo. The most popular clichés aren't surprising: there's a lot of nail art, piano keys, six packs, and latte art. Meanwhile, #followmeto pays homage to the viral photo series in which a photographer's girlfriend holds his hand, with an awe-inspiring scene ahead.
All of these images are set to an original mashup from Hiérophante, which pulls from Jay Z's "Run This Song," among others. The result? An incredible realisation that maybe your Instagram photos aren't as original as you thought. Then again, "Some people point[ed] out to me that some [similar] videos already exists, so it seems that making a video about clichés is a cliché too," Hierophante writes.

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