15 Of The World’s Bravest Women Give You Their Best Advice

At Refinery29, we've had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing women. We've spoken to a Saudi princess working to register other women to vote, a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and a millennial who refuses to leave Afghanistan until everyone there can be part of a brighter future. In Cameroon, a child bride refuses to be silent about her plight. In Turkey, a refugee from Syria bravely rebuilds a life for her family.
As 2015 draws to a close, we decided to ask some of these extraordinary people for their best advice for young women. Ahead, their words of wisdom — gathered from Saudi Arabia to Zambia, Syria to Japan, South Africa to Russia — to help inspire you as you enter 2016.

Photo caption: Zein is a 25-year-old activist, teacher, and paramedic in Aleppo, Syria. She told Refinery29 that women should not be afraid to work on the front line of war if they believe in the cause. "The woman is protective, she’s powerful. She has worked in field hospitals, she’s participated in demonstrations, she's taught in field schools. We even have battalions of women…. So everything that the men did in the revolution, the women did as well. We have a slogan where we say that the revolution is feminine for us." Read Zein's full story here.

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