The Surprising Similarities Between Drake and Craig David

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Yesterday, presumably in between squats and lateral raises, Craig David popped into BBC 1Xtra’s studio for a chinwag and casually shared a headline-worthy piece of news: A Drake and Craig David collab might actually be on the horizon. Craig explained what happened when he bumped into Drizzy right after "Hotline Bling" dropped: "When I saw Drake in this restaurant [in Miami], we walked up to each other and there was this moment when I was like, 'Oh man that tune is all I'm listening to.' And he was like, 'Man I need to call my producer, if I can tell him right now that I'm with you, Born to Do It! The tunes you have'." Holy. Hell. We shouldn’t be surprised really. For true fans, it’s very plain to see where Craig David ends and Drake begins. But there are some similarities you may not have thought of. Let us fill you in.
Profile picture, you say? What about a picture in profile…
Besides being fabulously handsome, both have a penchant for a picture in profile. We are of course referring to Drake’s iconic Nothing Was The Same album artwork and Craig’s latest press shots which feature Craig, eyes shut, head in profile, with his hand outreached to the lens, as if to say, "Not right now, my chakra’s not perfectly aligned. But come back later and let’s jam."

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Their facial hair is on fleek
Let’s cut to the chase: their facial hair deserves an award, or rather, their barbers do. If Gillette don’t get behind this mixtape collaboration they need to fire their PR team pronto.
They’re both having problems getting in touch with their exes
Take Drake’s track "Marvin’s Room" which is basically a really sad late night call to his ex that might be the most sonically pleasing drunk voicemail ever. Evidently, Craig too has had some problems getting through to his "honey" as evidenced in the track, "Don’t Love You No More", when he intones "If there's a problem we should work it out/ So why you giving me the cold shoulder now/ Like you don't even wanna talk to me girl." Ouch, guys, might we suggest a bunch of flowers? They’re both sticklers for schedules
Drake wants to party with you but exclusively on a Tuesday, because he’s "workin’ Monday" and doing "graveyard shifts every other weekend." Craig's up for drinks on Tuesday too, but he’s open to making love on Wednesday and chilling Thursday, Friday and Saturday as an extra. Neither are afraid to break a sweat
In fact, Craig’s so absurdly fit, his veins look at though they’re permanently trying to break free from the constraints of his flesh, and Drizzy’s fond of a wide-eyed, gritted-teeth, topless weightlifting snap for Instagram. Maybe Aubrey could spot you Craig? They love Miami
Alongside his ‘YOLO’ estate in Toronto, Drake has two Miami condos (naturally) which, sure, he sold in 2013 but he’s still a Venice Beach regular. If you’ve not seen Craig’s Miami pad that looks like the inside of Mugatu from Zoolander’s mind and is entirely lit by ultraviolet lights, then refer to his Instagram immediately. He has an LED four poster bed on his balcony. Very chill. They’re both cynical about the fame game
As we can see, or rather hear, from Craig’s classic Rise and Fall when he remarks on how fame has changed him: "My life was never gonna be the same/ Cause with the money came a different status/ Now I'm too concerned with all the things I own," which is remarkably similar to Drake’s message in Fireworks: "Money just changed everything, I wonder how life without it would go." Cheer up, lads. Did anyone say trill?
Yeah they did. While Drake prefers a little auto-tune over his trilly-vocals ("Going Home," anyone?), Craig’s trills are what put him on the map.
They’re both excellent at rapping
Craig first broke onto the scene as one half of a garage act (the other being The Artful Dodger) but it was his 60-minute takeover on Kurupt FM earlier this year when he rapped about protein bars over Justin Beiber’s "Where R Ü Now?" that proved he could rap. We don’t feel like we need to back this point up re: Drake, but he once rapped this: "Havin’ lunch and debatin’ Ferrari prices/ 23 and goin’ through a midlife crisis."
They’re mummy’s boys
Craig’s mum bought him a Southhampton football t-shirt for his birthday this year and Drizzy is never without his ma Sandi who wears head-to-toe OVO merch at all times. Side note: Both Sandi and Tina are Jewish. They’re not afraid of a tight white tee shirt
Or a tight white ribbed vest for that matter. Keep doing you, guys. And… both like a spot of luxury lounge wear
They’re never out of matching marl tracksuits. For people who sing a lot about break-ups they’re very low-key daters…
We’ve no idea who Craig’s ever dated, and besides Rihanna-gate and rumours about Serena Williams, Drizzy’s not dropping any hints either. Which begs the question, who are they on about? They love serenading their fans
Craig turned up at super-fan Lisa Potter-Dixon's wedding and this video of Drake singing to two little girls will make your body have a biological reaction that will end in water coming out of your eyes, no mater how hard you try to blink it away.

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