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Original Friends cast reunite for one-off special
According to US broadcaster NBC the original cast of Friends is reuniting for a two hour special as a tribute to director James Burrows who has just celebrated directing his 1,000th TV programme. Read more.

Jakarta attacks: 7 people killed

At least six people have been announced dead after several explosions in Jakarta. Five attackers, including two suicide bombers have been killed in the terrorist attacks which, according to Indonesian police, are linked to the Islamic State. Read more. Putin claims Russia has Ebola vaccine
Not only has the WHO declared the world Ebola-free but now the Russian president claims to have discovered a vaccine for the disease, which killed 11,000 in west Africa. He has yet to provide any evidence of trials or of the vaccine’s name. Read more. David Bowie cremated in New York
Bowie, who died of cancer on Sunday, aged 69, has been privately cremated in New York. He had released a new album, Blackstar, just two days earlier - which has been retrospectively interpreted as his epitaph. Read more.

A study suggest that you puppy really does know how you feel
They get excited when you get excited, and they know just when to snuggle up to you on the couch after a rough day. New research from a study published online today in Biology Letters suggests that you're not imagining it — your faithful pup actually does recognize your emotions. Read More.

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